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A mother decided to take her two daughters on a trip to show them the magic of the Old West. Here is the blog from the 16-year-old daughter Pictures provided by 12 year old sister! 
Collette Vacations had the perfect itinerary, Western Wonders! What a fantastic way to learn about the rich history of our country...

One week in July, my family and I took a wonderful trip to South Dakota. At first, I believed that this trip would be very uninteresting and boring. I originally thought, what is so interesting about South Dakota? It is in the middle of nowhere! However, I was pleasantly surprised at what I actually learned and experienced in this part of the country.

My family and I have never been to the Midwest before, so we were in for a great surprise. On this trip, we saw the magnificent Mount Rushmore, a monument dedicated to the great leaders of this country.

Also, we visited Crazy Horse National Monument, which was dedicated to the legacy of the Native Americans; a people largely ignored in the pages of American history. This vacation taught my family and me more about the centuries old struggle between the white man and the Natives than I would have ever learned in a classroom.

We have also experienced the untouched natural beauty of Custer State Park where we were trapped in a herd of Buffalo! I originally thought that they were near extinct. I was proven wrong that day.

Furthermore, the natural colored bands of the badlands were breathtaking. Overall, this trip proved to me that the west is an enriched, treasured, and culturally important part of our history.