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Have you ever looked for the cheapest fare and found it requires a stopover in another country?? This can be an unplanned reason to immerse yourself in two cultures on the same vacation. With the help of the products offered by Travel Bound, we took care of transfers, hotels and sightseeing in two very diverse destinations....

As I get ready to spend my final night in Helsinki, albeit still daylight at 9:30 p.m., some things come to mind that I wish to share.  First - it is never too late to learn new things and have new experiences.  It is never too fearful to go places you have never gone, and by yourself.  It is never too selfish to just enjoy yourself and your new surroundings - very much independently of those you love and those who care for you. It is never too reckless to spend that extra money on yourself.  And it is never a fault to take care of yourself by taking a vacation so you can continue to love those you care for and be around for those who are about you.  

To the people of Finland - BRAVO!  What a pleasant surprise. Your hospitality and warmth was appreciated by this tourist.   Your restaurants were great (yes, I had reindeer and elk), your weather was perfect, and your English was impeccable. Many times I thought I was talking to a native from back home.  You went out of your way to make me comfortable.  

So now on to Hong Kong.  From rustic Finland to the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, I will experience more new things, meet more new people, spend more money and grow! Yes - that's where the cycle of life becomes an arithmetic or even exponential curve.  Growth.  Do everything you can to do it the rest of your life.  

After spending 7 days in Hong Kong, I leave with a vast new frame of reference.  My experiences here in this city and in the surrounding areas are ones that I will cherish and keep all throughout my life.  The Chinese people are thoughtful (well - just get out of  their way on the subway), extremely polite, cheerful and welcoming.  Whether the hustle of the central district or the tranquility of the suburbs and distant villages, I have learned more about these wonderful people and this far away place than i expected.  I will think twice before making assumptions as I walk the streets of Chinatown in New York. Every time I see a Chinese baby, I will smile.  They always smile back.  Every time I see an older Chinese person I will smile.  They also always smile back. Sure, they use chopsticks and worship Buddha, have a look that is different from mine and eat more rice than my colon could tolerate, but I use a fork, worship the Christian God, eat too much processed  food, and have a look that is different from them.  Amazing how both God the Father and Buddha all created us the same in the long run.  My God says drive on the right.  Buddha says do it on the left. (Or is it the other way around?)  Which way is the right way?  i will leave these thoughts for you to ponder.  Remember, my grandmother fried her meatballs before putting them in the sauce.  My friend's grandmother didn't before she put them in the gravy.  And you know what?  Chopsticks or a fork, Buddha or the Trinity, Chinese or American, black or white,straight or gay, Sunni or Shiite even fried meatballs first or raw first - we are all the same in the garden.  Our differences just give that garden more beauty. 谢谢香港。 谢谢中国。 5月菩萨的和平和宁静是与您的永恒的人民。 Thank you Hong Kong.Thank you China.